The Heist

The Heist, the MELKE autumn winter 2024 collection, delves into the beloved world of Wallace and Gromit. Leaning into designer Emma Gage’s carefree joy and childlike wonder, The Heist captures the mischief the claymation duo often finds themselves in. Traveling to the moon for cheese, stealing a diamond, and fighting a gigantic “Were-Rabbit”—Wallace and Gromit have done it all. Yet at the end of the day, they always return to the comforts of home for a hot cup of tea and a delectable slice of cheese. But wait! It seems there is some thievery afoot! 

Color and comfort abound through eclectic embroidery, fishy friends, and even moon cheese. An ode to the art of claymation, custom cheese beads have been handmade in the MELKE studio, along with chunky knit bows and Swiss cheese inspired prints. Structured cottons, supple wools, and soft silks, are adorned with whimsical details, yet grounded by the wearable fabrics. The Heist balances harmony of humor and craftsmanship, creating a world of adventures.