How To Act Like A Man

Marie II : That’s what I don’t understand. Why does one say, “I love you”? Do you understand? Why can’t one say, for example, “Egg”?

Melke’s SS23 collection ‘How To Act Like a Man’ is inspired by the 1966 Czech film ‘Daisies’ which follows the chaotic antics of two women named Marie who seek to embody and break free from the absurdity of gender stereotypes. Fed up with being seen as dainty dolls, they decide that since the world is in chaos, they too will be chaotic. Filled with bright colors, food fights, body builders, corn, and eggs, nods of the film’s surrealism can be seen referenced throughout the collection. Prepare to learn ‘How to Act Like a Man’ and expect all assumptions to be turned on their head. Blending the masculine and feminine, you’ll be bound to be hungry for more.