“They met in a great soaring gyre that turned to a whirling circle and a dance of wings. Once more, just once, their two voices, joined in a harsh wild medley of question and response, struck and echoed against the pinnacles of the valley. Then they were gone forever somewhere in those upper regions beyond the eyes of men.”

Falcon's Fame

Melke’s AW22 collection, Falcon’s Fame, is inspired by a trip to Ireland’s Ashford Castle. Falcon’s Fame explores the symbiotic relationship of man and animal, as well as the dichotomous scenery of the lush fern covered forests and the stoic yet warm castle walls.

At Ashford Castle, fireplaces surrounded by velvet cushions, waxed raincoats and wellies line the halls. Tea amongst the most beautifully patterned china, and heavy Jacobean wallpaper offer a warm respite from the cold and rain.

Rich green velvets, golden silks, subtle jacquards, and bold Jacobean prints fill the collection. Accents allude to the working Irish estate, such as falconry, horseback riding, dog-assisted hunting, and sheep herding. Elements such as feathers, horse-hair tassels, leashes, and quilting emphasize the juxtaposition of curated opulence and rugged outdoorsmanship. Prepare to walk the grounds of the Ashford Estate.