I am molten matter returned from the core of earth to tell you interior things–
— Anne Carson, from “XVIII. She,” Autobiography of Red: A Novel in Verse (Vintage Contemporaries, 1998)

The Dragon and The Loon

For my SS22 collection, I was inspired by Anne Carson’s A Novel in Verse, Autobiography of Red. In this story Carson catapults an ancient Greek myth, The Trial of Herakles versus Geryon into a modern day love story. I focused heavily on the struggle of self discovery that Geryon faces, as he grows up and searches for himself.

Lava is a constant reference throughout, many of the silhouettes and cutouts came from my melting wax and seeing the shapes they took as they dried. The chains represent the idea that we can feel trapped by what can also set us free. The open backs on many of the garments symbolize vulnerability and openness with the self.

Geryon spent his life hiding his red wings under an overcoat, until he reached self acceptance and love. Self awareness is a powerful thing, much like in the book, this collection is about acknowledging the growth that comes from destruction, flowers that rise from the ash, and peace that comes after chaos.

Whimsical and haunting, erudite and accessible, richly layered and deceptively simple; the MELKE Spring/Summer 2022 Collection is inspired by the polymorphism and abstraction of Autobiography of Red: A Novel Verse by Anne Carson. The deadly encounter turned love story between Geryon and Herakles is seen in the color palette of rich blood reds and dark tones juxtaposed with soft fringe, heavy chains and feminine cuts.