About the Collection - 49.0610° N, 94.8475° W 

49.0610° N, 94.8475° W, Lake of the Woods, is a collection inspired by a fishing trip Emma took with her family, and maternal grandparents, in Northern Minnesota. During this trip, they spent everyday outside, fishing, separated from technology. Lunches were cooked fresh on the shores of tiny islands scattered throughout the waters, during which Emma explored, collected, and photographed elements of nature that she found inspiring.

A turtle shell, dated cabin curtains, and fishing lures are many of the elements that influenced the detail and silhouettes of the collection. Old fishing lures, passed on to her from her grandfather, accent the garments and appear as accessories as well. Other details include freshwater mussel shells that Emma collected from her paternal grandparents lake cabin in Wisconsin.

For her premier collection, Emma worked to emulate all that Melke represents and will become. Nature plays a vital role in Emma’s creative process, along with the emotions of storytelling that come through each piece.

While sitting in the boat, waiting for a bite, the noon sun beat down on Emma. From the early morning breeze, the temperature had quickly changed to swelteringly hot. Luckily, her pants were zipoffs and she quickly converted to shorts. This comically unfashionable pant, influenced countless pieces to have convertible aspects, including a jumpsuit that transitions to a romper and a dress that converts to a top and a skirt.

The more you observe nature, the more you will discover, which is also true for this collection.

Investigate and explore, 49.0610° N, 94.8475° W