Peregrine Dress
Peregrine Dress

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Peregrine Dress

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Curated opulence meets rugged outdoorsmanship in this elegant and edgy Peregrine Dress. This structured, tea-length dress is adorned with delicate, naturally-shed emu feathers juxtaposing the hearty waxed cotton material of the dress in a wolfhound brown plaid. The dress has spaghetti strap detailing and tencel lining. 

Waxed Cotton
100% Cotton

Tencel Twill
100% Tencel

Emu Feathers
Naturally Dyed, Cruelty Free

Spot Clean. Lightly scrub away dried mud or dirt with a soft bristled brush. Try plain (cold) water before using soap. Use cold water and a small amount of mild soap (not detergent) when needed.

Waxed Cotton
Source:B&J Fabrics

Tencel Twill
Source: Simplifi Fabrics

Certifications: OEKO-Tex. Certifies non-hazardous end-products and all of their components. Products that carry the label have been tested and proven free of harmful levels of toxic substances.

Emu Feathers
Source: OliverWrightRestore on Etsy

“I have two pampered pet emus who shed their beautiful feathers every spring. I collect these feathers from their field and so they are completely cruelty free.”

Size  Chest Length
XS 31" 50"
S 33" 50"
M 35" 50"
L 37.5" 50"
XL 40.5" 50"
XXL 44" 50"

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