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Melke It T

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Melke It T

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This ultra-soft tee lives up to its name - it’s made with real milk byproduct! A nod to both our namesake and brand ethos, the Melke It T is a reminder of our commitment to making full use of nature’s resources and to never cut corners, or in other words, “melke it.” Embroidered lettering on fair-trade cruelty free silk organza is hand-cut and appliqued to this soft milk jersey tee.

Super Soft Milk Jersey
65% Eco-Viscose 35% Milk Fibre

Machine Wash On Gentle And Cold, Hang To Dry, Iron As Needed

Milk Jersey
Supplier: Offset Warehouse  

Dairy milk production results in large amounts of by-product due to legislation that prevents "unhealthy" milk from being traded. This material takes unwanted milk protein casein and transforms it for technical purposes into yarn. Involves low water consumption. Blended with eco-viscose (wood pulp from sustainably-managed forests) for a soft, slinky feel.

Certifications: Azo-Free, By-Product, Low Energy, Low Water, Minimisation of Waste, Sustainably-sourced, VOC-Free

Traceability: Ethically knitted in Italy

Size   Shoulder Chest Length
XS 14.5" 38" 27"
S 16.5"
M 18.5" 42" 27"
L 21" 44.5" 27"
XL 24" 47.5"
XXL 27.5" 51

Pieces will ship in 3-5 business days.